Teddy's Brooklyn Style Pizza

The Family History

 The Vicidomini's  

It starts just like any old Italian family story does. When a young Italian man came from Naples, Italy to New York, United States. He started as simply washing dishes at a busy pizza shop in the city. With the ambition to move mountains  and the motivation to do it, Michelle did just that. The true definition of starting from the bottom and climbing the ladder. Shortly after he started moving up and was making pizza, next thing he knew he owned a pizzeria, married to the lovely Louise, and was blessed with 3 children; Marie, Anthony, and the one we all know so well Teddy. Marie did her time in the family business growing up but it was her brothers that followed in their fathers footsteps. Like their father Anthony taught his two boys; Anthony Jr. and Jason the art of pizza and passed along his recipes and knowledge he learned throughout the years in this business. Teddy never had a son but that didn't stop him from passing his skills and knowledge down the line to his daughter Susan, who quickly grew up in the pizza shop learning in her father and grandfathers shadow. Now 20 years later her two boys will be next to learn the art of a delicious Brooklyn Style Pizza like the generations before them. We've been from New York to Philadelphia and then finally to Virginia. The Middleburg location was formally known as Mario's Pizza when Teddy and his father came down here for a change of pace. They came down and started the transition to buy out the business. Years later we finally changed the name to Teddy's Pizzeria.  So now on our fourth generation we have finally decided on expanding the business. We are proud to announce that we will be opening up a SECOND location later this year!​​

Our family has been in the pizza industry for over 40 years, we guarantee you will love the food and see why we so strongly stand behind our product!